Adriana, Elisa, Manuela, Ludovina

The photographic work of Francisco Paramos ‘Adriana, Elisa, Manuela, Ludovina.’ begins long before the mechanical work of a camera and this can be found in the intimacy that runs through the album that is presented below.


Assuming as a social researcher, Francisco sought to mingle with the people who wanted to document, weigh your motivations and aspirations, know their territory and their practices, beliefs and dreams. Because dreams are a real part of this verb ‘to dwell’.


Following the first glances to the photographer, neighbourhoods Ingote and Rosa in Coimbra, see in the frame fewer buildings and structures, streets and facades, while beginning to identify private spaces, symbols and identity, finally, hands, faces, a certain way of looking.


At first glance, it may be thought that the neighbourhoods – the ‘social’ sayings or others – are all the same. That the common story of who inhabits – past and present – is governed by the same pattern of movements, guidelines and directions. The look that shows these ‘Women’s Neighbourhood’, however, was up experiencing the art of seeing people and, by a process of social and cultural anthropology found, based on interviews and daily immersion in this living communities, could overcome first impressions and conquer the intimate spaces of the houses – those where ‘live’ more than just ‘dwells’ – and show multiple meanings for the word ‘home’.


– Frederica Jordão, Anthropologist


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